Yield Farm

Add the money you have as liquidity, earn money from the daily yield farm.

Investment plans

Yield Farm

Up to


From 1% to 8% forever gain

Min: $20 or equivalent BTC,ETH,LTC,DASH,DOGE | Max: Unlimited


About Our Company

Thank you for your interest in our BYF Finance LTD!
We want to invite you to read in detail what Yield Farm is about and the services we can offer to our current and future clients. Yield Farm is a company that was created with the need to take financial advantage of the great attention that bitcoin are receiving. As everyone knows, this new market is credited with a tremendous exponential growth of people who have decided to dedicate themselves professionally to the world of bitcoin yield farm. That has given the opportunity to the creation of a new sector in the financial market that has managed to consolidate and, in turn, move impressive figures of money compared to other markets that are better known by people.


4 Level referral commission

2% > 7%


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